New York - A 47-year-old man who was blinded by a chemical accident when he was  three can now see again,  thanks to a  revolutionary stem-cell  transplant. Mr .  Mike  May  had  feared  he  would  live  in darkness  the  rest  of  his  life. He  now  does  almost 

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From leukemia to gold, Dutch swimmer wins 10-kilometer race

BEIXIAOYING, China: Dutch swimmer Maarten van der Weijden skirted just inside the final red buoy to grab gold in the men's 10-kilometer open water race Thursday, completing a comeback after recovering from leukemia.

Van der Weijden won a three-way sprint in the inaugural event with a better-angled finish under a steady rain.

"I think the leukemia taught me to think step by step," Van der Weijden said. "When you're laying in the hospital bed and feeling so much pain and feeling s...

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BabyBanks Client Successful Transplant!

It has been more than one year that the “rescue baby” transplantation case causing enthusiastioally attention has undergone. The donee - Chen Chen is nearly four years old now who suffered from thalassemia
and received his younger sister’s cord blood, that stored in BabyBanks. Chen-Chen becomes stronger and braver because of ther healthier.

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